Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIY wedding hair & clip in extensions

I am in love with ebay. Some friends even call me the "ebay queen." I wouldn't go that far, but I do know my way around. For the wedding I've been  dreaming of long hair, and seeing as mine is only shoulder length and I have about 40 days to grow luscious locks, I've looked into extensions. Prices on professional extensions are a bit too thru the nose for me, so I started researching. And guess what?! eBay has a wide selection of clip in hair extensions. So I splurged (for me) and opted to experiment.
here are the actual clip in hair extensions i got. They're 22.99 for 14 pieces. and that includes free shipping. each extension is attached to a comb like clip that pops in super easy. and they hold firmly. you just follow the directions on their listing and it's so simple.
here is a before photo of my hair at normal length and style

and after just 20 minutes or so of combing and clipping... here i am with extensions
and here's the back & sides:

i think it looks absolutely amazing! my mom thinks i look like a mermaid. these extensions seem to be really secure and of good quality. i may just wear them more than once. i feel oh so schmexy!

i also found a bump it - as seen on tv product - at the dollar tree. so i thought i'd try that out too. so here i am rocking my bump it, clip in extensions and veil. i'm thinking i may have this down pat already. total cost? $31.00 plus tax. and that includes veil, bump it & extensions!!!


Brenda said...

Hair looks pretty!

Jenn said...

Thank you, I'm pretty pleased :)