Friday, March 4, 2011

Alternative and modern wedding bands that are budget friendly

On a fluke while browsing ebay, I found these rings  ending in just minutes. i got permission quick from the future hubby to place a bid and shortly thereafter won and purchased. i was super nervous about them but, they arrived and actually are quite nice. here are some photos:

 it's tungsten carbide with a blue black carbon fiber inlay. the ring is very solid and has a weight to it. you can't really see here, but the blue glistens. it's a gorgeous ring that i'm excited about putting on bryan's finger. i can't wait for him to see it! the auction i purchased was for two rings, but for some reason beyond me... they sent me two MAN'S rings. all because they were out of my size. like... um... couldn't you of told me that before fulfilling the order? would've saved me a headache. grr. so now i'm looking at my man ring and trying to figure out what and where i can find my real ladies wedding ring. and trying to decide what i want. my engagement ring is white gold, and you're supposed to match metals. i'm thinking maybe just a white gold band with channel set diamonds. which is simple and not really alternative at all, but i like sparkles. bry says it's just a ring and i shouldn't get worked up over it. but still, i am. i'm gonna wear it for the rest of my life (God willing), i want to be happy with it. but i see his point. the main thing is that i'm marrying my best friend, all the rest are details.

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