Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ebay purchase! wedding hair band

just bought this off ebay. it only took 3  weeks to ship from china. but hey, it was less than $3 with shipping included. and it's purdy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ohio family bridal shower

yay! my mom put together a bridal shower for me :) it was gettting depressing and frustrating because of distance and timing and budget, to get together for a shower with even just one of my bridesmaids present. i was close to giving up, but my mom pulled thru! she is seriously so excited about all of this stuff. she kept all the planning under wraps and secret and surprised me with it all. it was cute. my dad put together a posterboard with photos of my childhood that said "our little bride to be" at the top. i was one cute kid lol.

it was nice to see some family members, all from my mom's side. and i also got to see 2 ladies from my home church i hadn't seen in ages. cute little ladies.

we played bridal bingo, a letter writing game, and a how well do you know the bride/groom game. of course i  came up with the most bizarre questions i could for that last game. i knew most of them didn't really know my favorite food or things like that, but it would be fun to guess at more bizarre and random things. and it was really a breath of fresh air that some of them, who i didn't really think cared too much, actually remember and definitively knew some things about me and bryan. it was nice. i'll be the first to admit, i felt so completely awkward sitting there being "showered" with gifts. i felt awkward at birthdays as a kid too. just kinda don't like feeling greedy or grabby or needy or whatever. if that makes sense. but my bff told me to just relax and enjoy the conversation and let my mom take care of me and spoil me, and just be the daughter, and focus on that. so i did. and man did my mom cook some awesome stuff.

i'm not sure i'm supposed to share what gifts we got, if that's kosher. but here goes anyways, we got a basket of kitchen items, spatulas, towels, and a cake decorating kit (which is so cool!). also got an over the toilet shelving unit, and a matching wall shelf. got a bag of matching bath towels, shower curtain, curtain ring things etc. and my fav gift was from my parents. we got one of those willow tree figures. i love it!

here are some photos from the day (it's a facebook album, not sure the link works :-P )

Monday, April 4, 2011

Carved wood wedding album

My dad did a little DIY project for me, lol. This is inspired by the trees in the park that are carved into by young uns. Lol. I got the wood photo album from Michael's for $16 and my dad distressed it then carved. Might stain it one more time, bit I think its lol cute! Thank u dad :)
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Got my nails done!

Got my nails done @ usa nails in chillicothe! I know its early, but I get bad hang nails, this'll give them time to grow in nice. It was $28 for a full set. And the staff were very friendly and welcoming.
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busy busy busy

well the days are zooming by. there's less than two weeks till my name is officially changed. and the nerves are on edge. not in a bad way, tho, we're just like... whew... so that said, i'm not sure if i'll be able to blog about my diy projects as frequently, at least maybe not until after the wedding and things have calmed down. i've really really enjoyed posting my progress, and i will continue to post until all my diy projects have been shared. maybe even more afterwards, i've no clue.

future hubby now lives in the same town as me. so wierd but nice at the same time, being able to see each other everyday. i love the fact that if we don't get something done during our time together, that we have time to try again the next day. before, if we didn't get something done, we couldn't work on it again for a couple of weeks. sucked, majorly :(

anyways, i'm gonna try to write up a few posts of what projects i've been up to, and share those with you.