Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making Money By Texting? Can you get paid to text?

Well I know this isn't a typical post, but it's another way I've found to bring in some extra cash into my wedding budget.

I've discovered an app for the Droid where you can get paid to text. Yep, it's true. Just by doing your normal texting, you can earn money. This is definitely not a get rich quick method, but it is possible to rake in a few extra dollars, and every little bit helps, right?

How does it work? You download an app from which you compose your text messages, rather than via the built in sms app. Then the app attaches a small advertisement to each message you send. Such as a bitly web address, or a graphic image. Companies pay to advertise with your texts.

What do you get? You can earn cash, or be entered into contests and sweepstakes. The contest that they're running right now is for a car. We could really use that! With Bryan's car STILL in the garage...

How do you get started? You sign up with your personal information on the website, and then download & install the app, and get texting. The more texting you do, the more money and prizes you'll earn.

If you'd be so kind as to allow me to refer you, that'd be lovely and I'd be oh so appreciative! Just email me at my personal email address: mind ful jenn @ ya hoo . com   (remove the spaces!) with your phone number, and I'll invite you personally :)

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