Saturday, January 29, 2011

DIY Photo Booth for reception

Photo booths seem to be the new trend for wedding receptions. But renting one can be really costly. I've seen booth rentals for anywhere between $250 to $2000. Neither is in my price range. So I set out to create my own photo booth and really slash costs. I'm sharing my ideas & how to's with you to help you keep under budget.

How to make a DIY photo booth:

First, you'll need to choose an area to designate for your photo booth. Consider an out of the way place. Maybe a corner, closet, unused room etc. We'll be using a back unused hallway.

Next you'll need something capable of taking your photos, of course! You can use a a laptop w/ a webcam, a camera with a photo printer, or a polaroid instant camera. Make sure you have adequate supplies for printing lots of pictures. If you choose to use your laptop, you'll need a good software to simplify the process. Here are some: Sparkbooth $59, Open Photo Booth $0, cameroid $0, seenly $0, Snap $0, MugShot Maching $0.

To make your photo booth fun add in some props that go with your theme. Since our's is vintage, well be using mustaches on a stick, feather boas, and bowler hats. I'll post a DIY soon on making your own mustache on a stick!

The next thing isn't really necessary, but helps your photo booth look more... put together. It's a backdrop! It can be as simple as a spring loaded curtain rod with a couple different colored shower curtains, so your guests can easily switch backdrops. Or you can use a large painting/picture hung on the wall. Or fabric hung on the wall or from a shower curtain etc.

After the reception, if you use your laptop or a digital camera, you will have all the photos stored on a memory card for use in your wedding photo album, without photographer fees! And if you do have a professional photographer, they might even edit your photo booth photos as well.

One more little touch to add to your photo booth is a personalized sign directing guests where to go. Wedding Chicks has one you can print yourself easy, here.


Rosie said...

As someone with an interest in photography, I'd also suggest you research lighting - you won't get such bright, vibrant pictures as your examples without some great lighting!

Another suggestion for photo-editing too - Picnik has some really tacky effects, but it also has some pretty sweet 1960's style filters that could be great for your vintage theme.


Jenn said...

Thanks so much Rosie! I'll look into ideas for getting good lighting in our photo booth area. Thank you :)

Amy Kelsch said...

What a lovely site! I linked to your site and the fun DIY photo booth in one of my recent blog posts on my site The Mindful Shopper.

I would so appreciate it if you stopped by the site and if you enjoy it- please share it with your friends and followers.

Much appreciated!
Amy Kelsch
The Mindful Shopper