Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dress Options via Ebay & china?

After discovering that my $80 goodwill dress will cost in excess of $250 to be cleaned and altered. I've decided to explore other options. So I've been browsing eBay. One of my long time favorite places. and Below are some dress & prices I'm considering. Please comment with your vote or thoughts. I've no clue which one is "the one." yes, the price INCLUDES shipping, and i think all of these dresses are custom order. meaning they'll make it to fit your measurements exactly. pretty good deal if you ask me!
1.) Ruffly Dress $72.99 - i just like the fullness of it.

2.) Satin w/ pull ups? 76.90

3.) lace appliqued dress - 89.99 - i really like the lace pieces over different areas

4.) fluffy gown - 95 - very princess-y

5.) embroidered gown - 99.99 - i really like the bodice on this one
6.) Charm Dress - 111 - really like the combo of top & bottom
7.) fairy princess gown - 119 - this one is like a fairy princess
8.) cap sleeve gown - 125 - something about the sleeves on this, are just so nice

9.) sweetheart gown - 126 - something about this one is just lovely. idk why, but i love the flittering fabric
10.) a-line gown - 126 - this one i know would be flattering
11.) fantasy & lace gown - 126.96 - pretty

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