Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bridesmaid dresses

We went to David's bridal saturday to figure out bridesmaid dresses. and sadly hit a wall. in order to get a dress in each girl's size and the style i want, in aqua (pool) or in ruby red, they need to be ordered. which ends up taking 10 to 12 weeks... we don't have that. the wedding is in about 70 days now. i had no idea their dresses needed to be picked out so early. and my heart was oh so heavy to hear that. we did learn that David's bridal keeps black and apple red in stock in all gowns. this is what the girls actually try on then place their order. the sales lady said that if there's anything on the rack that works for us, we can buy it straight off. so that's the plan. my girls will all get the same length in dress, about 3 inches below knee in apple red, in one of 3 styles. their choice. i am bummed that it's not exactly what i wanted. but i'm not gonna get hung up over it. too many other things to do and worry about than that. i'm refusing to stress!

here are pics of what my friend, jen blessing, tried on. thanks jen for being my guinea pig!

i really love this first one, but it's discontinued. :(

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