Monday, December 20, 2010

bump in the road

well, it seems that we've got a bit of a bump in the road that could tighten the budget on our wedding planning. not too excited about that, to say the least. my future hubby got into an accident the other night. we both live in the mountains, but like 2.5 hrs apart. and he went to visit a friend one evening while it was snowing. on the way back he slid off the road. he's ok thank God. but his car... not so much. in pa you have to get your car inspected every year or something, and it's the end of the year. so with everything wrong with the accident now, his car has a long list of things needing fixed in order to pass inspection. the total thus far is at $1,500... i'm flabergasted. that's like the entire proposed budget for the wedding. we're not giving up or giving in. we're still pressing onward to make our special day happen. just please pray we can get this all worked out... in a timely fashion.

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