Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bridal freebies for registering at JCPenny

I'm not a frequent shopper to jcpenny, BUT there's one in town. so I filled out a registry for the convenience of our guests. come to find out, there are a couple of desirable incentives and freebies for creating a wedding registry. we have yet to take advantage of the freebies but they are:

1.) free engagement photo & coupons (can't wait to do this! even if they look like yearbook photos, at least they're free!)
2.) free guest shipping
3.) wedding magazine
4.) 10% completion program

evidently there's some kind of tier program where more freebies are revealed for the more items you register for. not sure of this. but after i added 15 items to the registry, these freebies & incentives popped up. sounds good to me!

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