Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello world

It's my first blog post. How exciting is that!? Well, the purpose of this blog is to document the planning process of my super low budget wedding. Our budget has been set at $2000. Yes. I said two thousand dollars. How is that going to be accomplished? With a lot of creativity, borrowing & elbow grease. I pride myself on being able to think outside the box, and i plan to put that skill to the test for our big day. On this blog i will share my fabulous finds, tutorials of what I make and how, photos of the finished products and more. I hope you can help me plan the wedding day of my dreams and that you'll enjoy sharing in the joy of planning with me. At the end of every blog you will see my running total thus far. i'm going to be honest & open with my expenses so i can prove how low budget my wedding will be.

Running Total = $0.00
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~Rebekah~ said...

Hi fellow Low budget bride! I came across your site looking for uplighting pictures of all things haha! I just read through every post you have posted on this and went backwards. I was elated to see your budget! $2,000 is hardly nothing, but I'm actually at $3,000 and decided to just do appetizers and cake. I will be following this blog which is a great idea. I hope your hubby to be can't see it though and doesn't know about it. He'd see your dress! I think I can learn alot from you! I am thinking of doing an aisle runner. I loved your self monogramming idea. I might be able to pull that off. I only have 5 months left and the church we picked has been very slow in giving us crucial information. I still don't know half of what I need to know so that makes planning difficult. I also picked three colors that I'm trying to put together and can't figure out how to put them all together. Purple is my favorite color and I got nearly free stuff in purple so I had to go with that color. The others are mint and gold. I'm struggling so hard to get these together! Gah! My email. I'd love to keep in touch since you're a bride that understands my pain! :D

~Rebekah (a fellow believer) :)