Saturday, October 16, 2010

Colors & Date Picked!

Well, my future hubby and I have mulled over colors for awhile now, and we've finally come to a deciding point! did you hear my sigh of relief? it feels so good to have made a decision, and follow thru. No turning back, and no sharing with my fellow future brides. (that's why i anonymously tell the world instead, strangers can steal my ideas but not friends). anywho- drum roll please.... we've chosen... red & aqua. there are several different ways to call those colors, as i'm finding out. it can be cherry, berry, aqua, turquoise, etc. so we're going off this pic:
so, of course i know you can't see the red clearly or the dresses. i just really really like this look. how fun & retro?! i love the tea length bridesmaids dresses, but i'm wondering about the length and neckline on my girls. they're a bit on the larger size, and i want them feeling confident. i know at least one of them isn't excited about it being short. what do you think?

Running Total = $0.00

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