Wednesday, October 13, 2010


well, i may have found my dress! or dresses actually. i found two dresses at unbelievable prices. but im not sure which to go with. the first is floor length, no train, simple, and sleeveless in ivory. i found it at a discount store for $15 and couldn't resist. Here are some photos of me modeling it lol

Forgive the sparkly veil tulle, I'll write about that in another post. This is just a very simple white sleeveless gown. I have a hoop skirt under it (eBay $20), then added some fancy lace around my bodice, and wide satin ribbon just below, and that's it. I do like it, and I feel pretty in it. Especially when looking at the buttons down the length of my back. Oh so chic.

My second dress is much more traditional and elegant. And it needs more help than I'm capable of. I took my teens to the mall for Bible study (yes I had a meaningful object lesson with, The Value Of A Dollar) and saw it in the window. Yes our mall has a Goodwill inside. Odd, yet very useful for me. Anyways, I saw it there, just hanging like so:

it looked a hot mess on that mannequin, but the bead detailing caught my eye. The tag read the right size, and the price was right too, $80. My teens demanded I go try it on, so I did.
 From this angle, it's not too flattering. Plus I didn't have a slip or hoop skirt on with it yet

 Look at the train on this dress! I'll need the front rehemmed to cover my toesies, and the bust taken and and lowered to flatter me better.

 I'm thinking I may need a girdle too. hmm

 This is my absolute favorite photo! Look at the beading on this thing! Wow

 The train has beading all the way down as well

attempting to show the pretty bustle.

So, which dress should I go with? Which one is more fitting, or more me? Or should I just save up and splurge at David's? Which btw, is completely against my nature and wishes.

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