Tuesday, August 17, 2010


we're engaged!!!

It had been a super stressful week for me. I got a new job in PA, closer to Bryan. but was having all kinds of issues figuring out how to get there. i had to get out of my apartment lease. leave a job with kids i loved. find a new place to live and the money to pay for it. etc etc etc. i was so stressed. it was my last weekend in columbus and bryan decided to come visit me. i was severely sunburned from day camp with work and just not in the mood for trips and socializing. i just wanted to slather myself in aloe and chill. but he pleaded to take me out, saying it was our last time together in ohio and we were gonna make the best of it. and take pics of important places. so he drove me down to cincinnati and parked at the church where we first met face to face. i was not amused. lol. we sat in the car as he pointed at one thing or another saying "remember when..." this and that. i was like yeah sure i do, but we're loitering, and i don't want to get into trouble. then he begged me to get out to sit on the bench out front. he just about had to drag me. i was not amused. then he took a few steps pulling me along, into the center of the drive and said, "remember the first time i had to drive away and leave you? i was right here sitting in my car, and you were over there." i nodded, i have great memory. he continued, "do you remember the promise i made to you that day?" i answered, "you said no matter what, everything would be ok, one way or another." he turned to me, gazing down intently and said something like, "i want to make another promise." and at that, i knew what was up. he went on explaining his promise to me, and then knelt down and asked me to accept it. while he was kneeling and talking, a man walked out from the church and lit up a cigarette, totally stealing my attention and unnerving bryan. lol. and that was it. my best friend choose to give me the brightest day of my life (thus far) on one of the darkest and most frustrating weeks of my life. and he made a promise to me that i now wear around my finger every waking moment that i can.

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