Monday, October 18, 2010

How to save money on food & drinks at the wedding reception

When considering catering options for the reception, my eyes bugged out. I couldn't believe estimates of us as much as $25 per head. that'd be several thousand to feed our entire guest list! definitely out of budget for my $2k wedding day. we haven't set in stone yet what we're doing, but here are a few tips to save money on food and drinks at your wedding recepiton:
1. serve a signature drink. instead of having a full service bar with the full service price tag, consider serving one or two specialty drinks. possibly bride & groom's personal favorite.
2. use in season fruit & vegetables. it'll be cheaper & taste fresher!
3. order a moderately priced plain wedding cake, then go over the top with your own wedding topper. you could even make your own cake topper!

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