Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY Wedding Photo Albums

Most of you already know that in order to save money and stretch the buck, we're opting to print, edit & publish our own wedding photos, rather than pay an extra $150+ to the photographer to do what I can do myself. This great tutorial shows a great option for publishing that I'm going to be doing. I'm so excited! It's a photo album, professionally made, but custom designed by you. Or in this case me! (well soon anyways). You simply upload your photos to mixbook, and choose how you want them laid out. There are calendars, hard back books, soft cover books and more. All custom made. I plan to have one really nice hard cover printed to adorn our coffee table, and maybe some softcovers made up and given to our mom's as christmas gifts. The softcovers start at only $6.99! And the hardcovers start at $29.99. What makes this even sweeter, is that this morning I got a deal alert for Groupon! I can get get a $50 gift card to mixbook (the creator of these fantastic books!) for the total price of... $15! That's amazing! There's a limit of two sadly, so i'm going to be getting $100 worth of personalized product for only $30. And I was already planning on publishing thru them anyways, so it just adds the icing to the cake! The deal ends soon, so if you want to snatch it up like I did, go to Groupon fast!

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