Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY Postcard Save The Dates - Part 2

So since my first round of the dates were an epic fail... :( i created a 2nd edition as a postcard. apparently not many people know what save the dates are. and when the receive one, they think they were gypped on a real invitation. so i tried to be really clear and informative, just in case. i got the plane graphic from the wedding chicks, and the old school postcard look from google!


amerika said...

Hello! I know this was posted a LOONNGGG time ago, but it is actually very helpful to me as a bride to be! I'm getting married in a gym and I'm on a budget. trying to figure out how to transform the place is definitely a challenge! I am also getting married at the Salvation Army here in Clearwater, Florida! do you attend the salvation army?

Anonymous said...

Lol, yes I do. I'm a soldier :) I think I was going to the corps in Oil City Pa at the time. I really should update this blog lol. Thanks for stopping by!