Saturday, January 15, 2011

stolen license plate and a speeding ticket - another bump in the road

so we both met up in uniontown to visit friends and hang out. that's about a 3 hour drive for me and 1 hour drive for him.but i was also staying the night with friends so the drive seemed fair. anywho, we had a great time. our friends made home made pot roast. yum yum! and we watched the game. fyi, just because i live in pa now does not mean i'm a steelers fan. and i honestly don't think i'll ever be one. i mean, hello? steelers? what kinda name is that? i'll just stick with my elementary school level of knowledge as i timidly root for the buckeyes and browns in a room full of steelers and penn state fans. but it's ok. until a dirty ref shows up... anywho! when i got to church this morning the pastor noticed something very important. my rear license plate was missing! so some uniontown punk went and stole my license plate. it couldn't have just fallen off because i had a cover bolted on over the top. and i knew it happened in uniontown, because... well... i got a speeding ticket the day before and it was there. so what on earth do you do for a stolen license plate? i googled it. i love google. if it were a man, i'd marry him. well there's no real hard evidence online with what you're supposed to do when your plates get stolen. so i moved the front plate to the rear. did i mention i still have ohio plates? yep. and in ohio, we get two. of course it doesn't have my registration sticker on it, but it's there... i did find out that you're supposed to file a police report, in case who ever stole the plate is up to illegal activity. i talked to 3 different police departments before i got ahold of the right one. and i really felt like the "right one" was completely clueless. turns out, now that if a cop runs my plates, it'll come up as a code "whiskey." code whiskey can mean stolen plates or a stolen vehicle, or stolen tags, etc. so if i look suspicious while being pulled over, they can take me down at gun point. oh my stinking goodness! i asked the cop what to do, and all he could say was that it's illegal for me to drive it. so here i am in north western pa, with invalid plates, and i need to go to my ohio bmv and get new plates. yeah, sure. but how? enter my savior for the time being. i requested a replacement sticker and plate for $15. so yeah, i need to get entirely new plates. but now at least i'll have the pair and it's even more obvious that my car is indeed my car. now just to get a copy of the police report to keep with me, and then in just a few paydays, i'll be able to start all over and get my car, plates, license etc, transferred to pa. so expensive...

i'm getting tired of these bumps in the road... where's the rainbow?

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BuildASolidFoundation said...

I live in Ohio (Cincinnati) and you can be pulled over for not having the sticker but if you have the report with you and show them, they shouldnt give you a ticket.