Sunday, January 23, 2011

power steering failure - another bump in the road

so bryan and i were heading up to the city to work on some wedding shopping. all seemed fine. and then his wheel suddenly became hard to turn. we pulled over to the side of the road, turned off the car, and checked the power steering fluid. everything seemed to be fine, so he started up the car again and we waited for a minute. then he tried turning the wheel again to see if it was still overly difficult to turn. it started easing up and then we heard a loud snap and pop. the whole dashboard literally bounced... and then the wheel just kept turning like a bicycle wheel after a fast paced accident. we were lost for words, stranded between one small town and another. AAA eventually towed us to a garage. which might i add, no garages are open on the weekends. then i had to use the 15 passenger van (because my car is still lacking legal plates) to drive bryan 2/5 hrs home and then back again. i learned two very important things:

 1.) 15 passenger vans are gas guzzlers
2.)  15 passenger vans are horrible at traction, and will slide backwards due to gravity and weight...

today was such a trying day. and we don't even know what's wrong with the car yet. i'm not sure that i want to know. at this point, i think i just want to light both of our cars on fire, and just be without. they are causing too much trouble. i'm tired of these bumps in the road. they overwhelm me, and make me feel that it's just not possible to have the wedding of my dreams, much less get married at all. and it's not like i'm being over dramatic here over just one incident. things just keep happening, and keep going wrong. some that i haven't and won't post about. it's saddening and maddening even...

in effort to end on a positive note, i got an aisle runner for $15 from joann's. yay 50% off coupon. i hope to monogram it. if i'm successful, i'll post a tutorial. and another nice thing was that we saw a rainbow as we were driving today. i hope that it's a sign that the rain is almost over and a better day is coming.

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