Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bridal Freebies at Simon Pearce

This is my ultimate favorite and most exciting freebie find and incentive for creating a bridal registry! I'm so uber excited for my freebies to come in the mail. And I have to confess something... because this freebie is so AHmazing, I'm scheduling this post to happen AFTER the wedding day. just in case saturation causes them to discontinue. Please don't hate on me for this. I just want to be sure i get my incentive. :) anywho.... for registering at simon pearce you'll get:

1.) Donation to charity of your choice
2.) 10% completion program
3.) Free gifts for completion
4.) free shipping for guests
5.) online gift manager
6.) registry checklist
7.) break free guarantee
8.) try before you buy (you can actually take home products to see if you like them first)
9.) personal registry specialist
and number 10.... what i'm most excited about.... is.....
a free MINI MOON! no not a cute little charm for the bracelet of a Twilight fan... it's a mini honeymoon! in their words it is: "a romantic getaway including a complimentary meal for two at a Simon Pearce restaurant and a night's stay at a select bed-and-breakfast"

gotta love it, huh? I'm currently awaiting the arrival of our incentive packet. after some research, i've discovered that there are two bed & breakfasts to choose from. one in vermont, and the other in west chester pa. i guarantee i'll make a post just to review this fantastic freebie! and i actually do want the items i put on our registry. so so nice! if ya feel the desire to shop for us, here's our registry.

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