Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bridal Freebies On VistaPrint

I've just discovered that VistaPrint has quite a few freebies that are completely useable for the wedding! I just ordered an address stamp for future husband & i (with matching last names!) to use with thank you notes and other misc mailings :) total cost? $5.64. the stamp was free, and i'm just paying shipping! VistaPrint has the following freebies available right now! and oh yeah, EVERYTHING is personalizable!

1.) 250 free business cards (use them for save the dates!)
2.) 140 return address labels
3.) 1 self inking rubber stamp (this is what i snatched up!)
4.) 1 pack sticky notes
5.) 1 photo wall calendar (i'm thinking this would be gorgeous with our wedding photos!)
6.) 1 flipbook
7.) 1 tote bag (personalized maid of honor gift???)
8.) 1 personalized mug
9.) 1 photo notebook
10.) 1 mousepad

the nifty thing is, after you start clicking thru, they reveal other deals. order as far ahead as possible on these freebies, and choose the slow shipping method. if you can be patient and wait, it's worth it!and you won't pay for the higher & unreasonable shipping charges.

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