Sunday, December 5, 2010

How To Leave Your Wedding In Style! - Rent A Car or Use Your Own

I'm still rather new to my current living area ;) Yay for a new job! So I've still been learning about the people I work with and those I go to church with. And thru some conversation, I discovered that one of the church members often attends car shows with her classic car. What color is her car? None other than deja blue! The color of my original wedding inspiration. Here it is:
The best part? The owner will be our chauffeur and drive us around for free! We'll be using it as a prop in some wedding pics too. What a great and classy wedding gift is that, huh?

So, if you're wondering how to find a great ride for your wedding day, start off by asking around. There's a pretty good possibility that a friend of a friend has an amazing car, and might be willing to loan it out (or drive you) for a few hours for free, or cheap. If that doesn't work out, try placing an ad on craigslist. Hundreds of possibilities can pop up with an honest ad placed in the proper category. Maybe someone is selling your dream car and would be up for a one day rental. They're trying to sell it after all, I'm sure they'd love a quick easy buck. Another option you may consider is to go with a company such as Enterprise rent a car, and just pick a nice new car. Be forewarned you can't tie pop cans or paint the windows. It has to be in pristine condition when returned, or you'll be nailed with extra costs. Trust me, I know!

Good luck on finding your dream ride for your wedding day!

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