Friday, April 1, 2011

Look what my mom brought me!

my mom & dad stopped by for a visit a few weekends ago, thought i'd share what all they brought :)
these roses are fake, but are so full and gorgeous! the vases were bought at various thrift stores for less than $1 each. these will be placed all over the chapel to spruce it up. then will be brought up to various tables in the reception area. we're going to fill the vases with clear glass flat backed marbles.

such a cool piece of luggage. this baby came from hobby lobby. i'll prop it open and use it for the guestbook table at the reception. guests will sign a luggage tag then place it in the case. i think it was $10. one of the more expensive buys, but oh so perfect!

for our cake cutting table! $4. might get them engraved, not sure yet
these are fancy glasses for the wedding party. 7.99 plus half off coupon = a steal!

got some more christmas lights, thanks to walmart clearance section! 75 cents each

yay! an archway! i can't wait to cover this in flowers and dangle a few small candles by pearl strands or something. and that is my freshly painted toe :) $14


Brenda said...

Great blog, I'm planning our vow renewal and it has been tough being on tight budget. Great ideas!

Jenn said...

thanks for stopping by brenda! i hope our upcoming nuptials are blessed enough to have a vow renewal down the road too. i'm totally going to diy on a budget again. love it!