Monday, April 4, 2011

busy busy busy

well the days are zooming by. there's less than two weeks till my name is officially changed. and the nerves are on edge. not in a bad way, tho, we're just like... whew... so that said, i'm not sure if i'll be able to blog about my diy projects as frequently, at least maybe not until after the wedding and things have calmed down. i've really really enjoyed posting my progress, and i will continue to post until all my diy projects have been shared. maybe even more afterwards, i've no clue.

future hubby now lives in the same town as me. so wierd but nice at the same time, being able to see each other everyday. i love the fact that if we don't get something done during our time together, that we have time to try again the next day. before, if we didn't get something done, we couldn't work on it again for a couple of weeks. sucked, majorly :(

anyways, i'm gonna try to write up a few posts of what projects i've been up to, and share those with you.


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