Friday, March 25, 2011

Using Christmas Lights At Wedding Reception

i'm really looking into using the gads of christmas lights i have access to for our wedding reception. here are some inspiration photos i like thus far...

the second one is my fav. if i could do exactly that... wow. it'd be fantastic. what do you think? did or would you use christmas lights at your wedding reception? why or why not?


Joy said...

Just stumbled across your page, im going off the 3rd one for my inspiration. i think its a cool way to have "mood" lighting and make it look like a more intimate setting

Here are a few more photos I found that that you might like

Britney said...

Hi, i came across your site because im looking for a light decoration for my birthday and its a christmas theme so i wanted to use lights. Your first picture is exactly what i wanted! ive been searching for them but i dont know the name for that decoration? could you please tell me, if you know, the name of the first decoration? please thank you!