Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spent the day with mom and dad :)

Today was a good day. Just when I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed and slightly over come with wedding planning, my mom and dad stopped by and made me feel quite a bit more optimistic. My parents live in south central Ohio, and I'm in north western Pennsylvania. So getting together for planning in person has been more than just difficult. I was supposed to be at retreat this weekend with church, BUT it was canceled due to an impending snow storm. Thank You so much God, that it was over and mostly cleaned up by this morning. I really needed today.

As my Dad dully noted today, I am my mother's daughter. We brainstormed ideas, arranged tables and thought out all aspects of everything we could. It was great! My mom is almost more excited about wedding planning than I am, and with just over 30 days left, there's so much to do. But we're working on it. She offered without hesitation to help with so many different projects. And I fully believe she will tackle them and get them together. I'm so excited! She'll be working on our candy buffet, flowers, table runners, and paper lanterns. And more, I just can't think of it. But just in listing those amazing things, makes the plans seem all the more glorious!

I needed today. I'm feeling more inspired and willing and ready to get to crafting and creating. So much more to do. But I'm so happy to do. This day is going to be so special on so many different levels. And now.... time to start crafting!

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