Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY pew cones - doiles and dollar tree flowers

just made 20 of these cute pew cones to adorn the lovely pews at the ceremony. simple to make too!

you'll need hot glue gun, card stock, 10inch paper doiles, grossgrain ribbon, and dollar store flowers

use card stock to make a cone for the foundation. i learned that this was better than just using the doily as is. made it more sturdy. you can use a plate as a template, to make the cone even.

then take one doily and center the cone. lightly glue to doily. be careful with this, i burned myself several times.

measure the ribbon your desired length, mine are 22 inches long. fold in half, and glue inside to the cardstock.

place your flowers inside and voila! it took me about an hour to make half of these. simple project that adds a nice bit of pizazz to your ceremony decor.

here are some pics of mine in action!

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