Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sending off some more "free gift with registry" forms

Well, I signed up for a registry on Macy's and am getting ready to send off the forms for my free gifts. I'm uber excited for this batch! Wanna know why? Well... here's what all should be on my door step shortly:

1.)  mesh backpack & TSA key lock
2.)  travel organizer
3.)  wilton armetale heart dish
4.)  lenox forevermore flute pair (excited for this! hope it comes in time for reception/honeymoon)
5.)  2 soup ramekins
6.)  cd recipe set
7.)  petite sauce pan
8.)  5" santoku knife
9.)  bronze 5: santoku knife
10.) stainless steel measuring cups
11.) rowenta laundry bag
12.) krups coffee cook book
13.) stainless steel cake server (excited for this!!! wanna use it for our wedding cake!)
14.) keurig 16 oz stainless steel mug
15.) wood cutting board & 3 stainless steel knives set
16.) noritake china vase w/ platinum or gold band (wow! pretty!)

see why i'm so stoked now? 16 free gifts! I might not use all of them, but I'm pretty sure I can find someone who can :) have you signed up for any free gifts yet?


lanepajane said...

Quick question: I signed up for a Macy's registry as well, but can't seem to locate the rebate forms and requirements for free gifts. Is that online? I feel so dumb for not being able to figure it out.
Oh and looove the DIY flower girl basket... I'm going to start on mine today. :)

Jenn said...

No worries lanepajane. thanks for reading and your q.

after you create your wedding registry, go to "registry manager." then scroll down and on the left side under "offers/programs" click "gift with registry." Macy's does a really nice job of keeping it organized. you just click a product brand for details and to download the form. each form will have its own instructions.

congrats on your upcoming nuptials!!