Saturday, February 19, 2011

DIY uplighting for wedding reception

i've been combing thru google search after google search for ideas and tutorials on diy uplighting for a reception. and it just seems like it cost so so much to accomplish it. well, on a whim, i visited home depot. and look what i found!
 red bulbs for $1.98 and lamps for $6.47
 and get a load of this baby! a mini uplight for $11.97! the bulbs cost 3/$9.99 or $7.99 for a high powered
 and here is how it looks with the lights out at 7 o'clock on location.
I got 4 red and 4 white lights now, for a grand total of $105. I need some stands of some sort to angle the red ones, and extension cords to set them up just right. but i think it looks great. and another point, is that i can rent them out to other brides in my area via craigslist. plust it's another resource for my youth ministry. i'm sure we can use the lights for plays or something.
what do you think? will this be bright enough for when the sun sets? i really don't want to use the overhead lighting at all. i'll also have candles on all tables and christmas lights in various places. i'm hoping photos turn out good


Anonymous said...

What light bulbs did you use? Spot or Flood? 50 watt?

Anonymous said...

I used flood light bulbs for the metal clamp on lamps. The white lamp had special bulbs that were smaller, but projected out.