Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diy aisle runner

Well, I've completed my DIY aisle runner. I'll add more pics soon, but to get started head over to joann's with your a 50% off coupon. Check out the wedding aisle and choose your aisle runner. My joann's only had a few to choose from. I picked a simple white. It was $26, but $13 w/ my coupon.

Next you'll want to use Publisher, MSPaint or similar to create your monogram graphic. Choose a nice font you like. Your last initial goes in the middle. I kept the same font for all text, since I used different colors. Now print! Check the settings tab, and print it as a 3x3 poster. It'll take 9 sheets total, and blow up your image really big.

Now find your workspace and clear it off. Yes my counter was cluttered... Tape down your monogram and gently unroll a foot or two of your aisle runner placing it over the monogram. tape down the runner's end with a non tacky tape, so it doesn't leave residue.
 now begin tracing the lettering gently with a soft pencil. If you will be painting in a light color, be sure to trace lightly. I used black, dark red and the aqua/turquoise, so dark tracing worked best for me!

Here is mine with tracing done
 When the tracing is done, lift up your runner gently and take out the monogram poster, and replace with wax paper. Tape it down securely, place your runner back down and tape gently along edges.

Now it's time to paint!

Make sure to use a soft and tiny/fine brush when painting. I used ailene's acrylics, but you could easily use a paint pen instead for more control. There's no room for error here. Take your time and take regular breaks if you need to. My arm got numb several times. And stay in side the lines! Of course, you can try to correct by just smoothing it out later so no one will know. But you will know. And that is caution enough to take it slow.

Once you're done painting let it dry for several hours. Gently peel the wax paper off the back of the runner. It will stick, but that's ok. No one will see it anyways. And you're done! You just made a custom aisle runner for under $15! Saving as much as $75 or more! 

So custom monogrammed aisle runner: Buy or DIY? Definitely DIY!

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